Welcome to my “bucket list.”

This is a place where I can share recommendations with the world while remembering where I’ve been, but also keep track of the places I would like to go – instead of using a trillion Word documents and hard drive space. Each post will have a tag – the city or the state – for easy navigating to your travel destination (or mine!)

I plan to use this site as a tool that I can use, for example, in planning a trip, or wanting to know where I ate or saw so I can refer someone and say “this is it!” Please note that unless there is a note saying I actually did something, I haven’t done or been there yet – but if I do, I will be sure to post some sort of review.

I’m a single late-twenty-something that believes that we are all pieces of places – and not only places in particular, but the people that we have met, cultures we have been exposed to, and so much more. Each place we have traveled to, we have met people that have touched our lives in some way. We all have different beliefs, values, and cultures, but we can learn from each other, understand each other, and make this world a better place to live. This blog is to share the excitement and journey of travel – whether that is going to a concert in another country, spare time during a work conference, taking a road-trip to see where a favorite TV show tapes, or travel – just for the journey.

I would ask the readers to be aware that since I am single with no children, many of my posts (under posts/writings) might say (although not in these words) “don’t bring the kids here,” but it is not to offend anyone. For example, I stay at bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, all sorts of places – but sometimes I might say that a property is not kid-friendly, or is a quiet place that business people, singles, and couples; for an example.

As you can tell, this blog will be varied for the “reason” of travel. Enjoy!

And as a disclaimer, I have no money. Just a lot of dreams. I do not own, am in contact with, etc, etc, any of the  people, places, activities, companies, and everything related on this blog (unless said at the bottom of the p0st). There are a lot of assorted ‘pieces of places’ websites and links out there. I am not any of them, either…someday I may figure out a new name, but for now – this works for me, because I see myself as pieces of places – pieces of the places, the people, etc of where I have been and where I plan to go.

Thank you for dropping by!

And, if you have any suggestions for me on where to visit, discover, or talk about, send me a note under ‘contact’.


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