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Old Town Trolley

Lobstaback was the driver. I suppose all drivers were awesome, but he had to have been the best. And for the last thirty minutes or so, which is what it took to go back to the Marriott/Aquarium area where headquarters is, I was the only person on the trolley so I got to learn a whole lot about Boston and the best restaurants and places to go. Granted, sadly, I took the trolley tour for an hour and a half on my last day in Boston, but it was great to hear of all the things I should go back and do.


Acorn Tours of Boston

I had never taken a ‘private’ guided tour before, so I was a bit nervous, I looked at a lot of companies websites and even asked the tourism bureau there for advice. When I came across Acorn Tours, and I saw that the person had a biography and was from Belfast (a place I had been, and felt at home) I immediately contacted Una.

I took a tour with Una and she is a very gracious host, wonderful driver and incredible person to have as a road-trip friend and tour guide. I “hired” for a custom tour so that I could take in the JFK sites and other places that I would have had to drive, or take many subway trips, to in Boston, such as the JFK birthplace, and to Hyannis to see the JFK museum and other sites there. I had mentioned that I was coming to take in the Kennedy-related sights, but was interested in the Boston that both normal tourists, history-buffs as I am sort of one, and her as a person who lives there sees. I left it up to her on to what she would take me to. We went to many places and stopped at a few places along the way to Hyannis, such as Plymouth Rock, the JFK Memorial in Cape Cod looking out on Lewis Bay, Sandwich, historical sites and more. Back in Boston we traveled around and took a driving tour by movie sights, historical buildings, museums, and even went to the Top of the Hub and took pictures in the evening of the skyline and Red Sox baseball. I very much enjoyed my one evening and one day sightseeing adventure with Una, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat for anyone visiting the area.


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