Nashville hot-spots to visit

Bluebird Cafe

Wildhorse Saloonbtw, if anyone has a contact with someone there, I’m really trying hard to track down an old Westlife poster from 2003-ish, you would really, really make me incredibly happy. 🙂 I live in the States, the group is from Ireland, and they are one of my ultimate favorites. If you do, please contact me using the form below in this post. Thanks!!

Country Music Hall of Fame

Widow of the South – Carton Plantation – – if you haven’t read the book – please do. Gave me the same feeling, just about, as reading On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

Visiting Nashville for the first time – article

11 Cool Places in Nashville You Really Must Visit – article

Grand Ole Opry – tour and show

Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center – yeah, maybe strange to visit (especially if nothing is happening there when I visit Nashville in a few years) but I would like to go. In college, I even applied there – as an event planning person – but I think they thought I lived too far away. I was graduating and ready to go far away, though, but never heard back. Maybe it was God’s way of saying that I’m not ready yet, I guess, is the way I thought of it.


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