Vampire Diaries & Gone with the Wind

My mom’s best friend is a huge “fan” of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind; and I’m a ‘current’ fan of the Vampire Diaries television show (*cough* Delena since the first day they met – in the first season, oh yeah – so in synch and he had this crazy “I know something you don’t know” face – and then in the end of the third season, of course, we figured it out. I often wonder how that face happened, considering the third season’s vision hadn’t been written – probably. I am also a huge Kevin W fan – Dawson’s Creek and J/P, anyone? He always made her truly laugh.).

I have always been interested in visiting Georgia, ever since I was little – plus, sometimes, it’s kind of fun to say “Hot-Lanta” out loud.

So, “welcome to hot-lanta!” Someday, I hope to visit.

Vampire Diaries

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