Belfast: Home Away from Home

I have been to Belfast, Northern Ireland only twice – and each time, it was like I found a piece of me there, I felt whole as well. It was just this home, relaxing feeling.

You don’t need a car in Belfast – just a great, comfortable pair of shoes – tennis shoes, flats, sandals – anything comfortable – – and a willingness to walk and wander. – – I was there in 2010 when they were just breaking ground and building, and again in 2012 when it was finished. very impressive.


If you are flying into the international airport, I would recommend the Belfast Airport Taxis service. The driver will meet you with a sign with your name on it, and for me the ride in to the city was very relaxing, impressive and like a friend was driving me around, as on the way to dropping you off they will point out things that mean something to the town or statues etc (“the thing with  the ring” for example, my friends and I call it). They also offer tours of the city – which I regret not doing! I think it would have been an experience in itself.


I love the Radisson Blu Belfast and the area – if you are like me and like to stay just off the beaten path, not in a high-traffic, busy area; but a more quiet area that is just out of the circle of busy-ness but really safe, stay at this property.


I also had a overnight stay at the Days Inn, which I was impressed with the rate and that was about it. I had to stay overnight for one more night in Belfast because of the 2010 volcano, and decided I would stay there overnight to be in a different area, see if I liked it, and it was a bit cheaper than the Radisson. If you don’t mind staff that doesn’t notice you much and all you care for is a clean room, quiet hotel and cheap rate, go for it. The staff did not want to help me by showing me how to call the airport or my airline (and being alone, in another country, where I’ve never dialed the phone there – it was a little more than strange to me).

But I would rather stay at the Radisson – helpful, smile people, great food, safe and quiet area within walking distance to a lot of things (also, for us – it is a ‘straight walk’ (sort of – follow the river) to the Odyssey, which is why we were in town – Westlife concerts.)


For taxi service, go with the ValueCabs



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