I traveled to Montreal in June of 2004. I adored the place. I walked everywhere. I ate fabulous dishes. The funny thing is, is that when I came home, I found out a friend online lived there – small world! – I can’t wait to visit again someday.

I purchased a Moleskin City Notebook and have been filling it up every once in awhile – I bought it when I came back so that I could fill up little areas every once in awhile, and also noted where I had loved to go to people watch, eat a bagel, etc. These little notebooks are awesome because they include little maps and such, I highly recommend either one of these or – if you need it a bit bigger for writing and seeing – buy a nice journal that will last. They come in all sorts of different cities. I love journals because I don’t have to take the whole guidebook along!

National Geographic Photo Gallery: A Taste of Montreal

Tourisme Montreal -Official Site

Montreal Tourisme – Camera / Pictures (Montreal Cam)

Montreal Travel Guides: FodorsFrommersLonely Planet

Maps and Interactive Maps: Frommers

Interesting Sites: Films – TV: CBC Montreal (go on a tour if you can – it is an incredible experience)