I love Savannah, and I’ve never even been there. Seen television documentaries, travel shows, read books, and browsed the internet and photos, but I’ve never been there.

I plan to stay at the Azalea Inn….photos are glorious, I’ve read wonderful reviews, it’s in an incredible location. I’ve emailed the property once before – and a quick one-day reply is a plus! As replies go, receiving a reply from a property, even within two days, creates an element of meaning. What type? That the proprietors, even if they aren’t the ones replying, really care. Their “customer service” is top notch, they regard who inquires as well as who stays with them with much respect. Some responses I have recieved from other places take a week, and that is very off-putting to someone who would like to discover a city as well as a place to stay. Even not staying here, I would highly recommend that a person stay at the Azalea and tell me what they thought of their stay.

I adore Paula Deen, so I am looking forward to visiting her Lady & Sons restaurant, and taking a tour or two.