Note: A list of interesting websites surrounding the topic of airtravel are at the bottom of this page.

World Airport Codes


SeatGuru by Trip Advisor

Baggage Information

AARP’s Travel Center Baggage Information page – even if you aren’t “in that category” – or if you are – this page is awesome. Links a ton of airlines to their baggage information pages.

Route Maps & Sites

Airline Route

Airline Routes from Airfare Watchdog – – – I just found this one and love it. So easy and no log-in required!

RouteHappy – interesting site!


Sun Country Airlines

Delta Airlines

Star Alliance

American Airlines / U.S. Airways

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

British Airways





Aer Lingus


Air Canada

Airfare Deals

Airfare Watchdog

Airlines Listing

Wikipedia List of U.S. Airlines

Interesting sites regarding airports and airtravel…

Layover Guide

Please note: Lists of airports and sites are not in any order. I believe in also trying out airlines for different trips, but also finding one that you absolutely love – the plane, the people, the pilots, the customer service – and sticking with those companies.


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